Assane Gueye 🇸🇳

Hailing from Senegal , Assane aspired to pursue mathematics and physics in France but instead found himself in Morocco. After two years, his brother’s connection with Swiss trading opened the door to Switzerland, where he joined the Polytechnic Federal Institute. However, his previous academic work went unrecognized, compelling him to start afresh. Nonetheless, his determination bore fruit. He received scholarships every year during his time in Switzerland, accumulating excellent letters of recommendation as he completed his Master’s degree. Armed with these credentials, he embarked on the remarkable journey to the United States and secured admission to the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. While in Switzerland, Assane also ventured to Finland 🇫🇮 for a six-month internship as part of his Master’s program. Upon his return, he delved into communication systems, security, and ICT4D (Information and Communication Technology for Development). Subsequently, It was this experience that ultimately led him to the vibrant city of Kigali, Rwanda where he became a part of CyLab, a Cybersecurity Laboratory. From the challenges he overcame to the opportunities that materialized such as his work at Carnegie Mellon University Africa and his involvement in theCyLab Africa initiative, all underscore his dedication to fortifying cybersecurity within emerging economies. Assane’s journey serves as an inspiration for all, emphasizing the importance of excelling and nurturing digital and cybersecurity capacities in Africa.

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