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Meet Millie Bulbeck, an extraordinary entrepreneur and visionary in the world of technology. Her journey began with a strong academic background in marketing and communications, but her true calling emerged in the world of tech innovation and entrepreneurship. As an equity partner in startups, Millie empowered female entrepreneurs through consulting and coaching services, dedicated to fostering growth and diversity in the tech industry. Joining Antler, she focused on making an impact in women's health, revolutionizing the field with disruptive ideas. As Director of Marketing and E-commerce at Uncover, she achieved remarkable growth, propelling the company's success in self-care and skincare products. Millie's passion for tech-enabled solutions in women's health led her to support a startup producing organic and biodegradable period care products. She fearlessly advocates for technology's potential to revolutionize every aspect of a woman's life, addressing pressing issues like endometriosis and maternal healthcare. Millie's inspiring journey from studying terrorist communications to becoming a prominent figure in the femtech industry showcases the power of innovation and empowerment. Let her story inspire you to embrace your passions and create positive change through technology, fostering equality and transforming lives globally.

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