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meet Tobenna Abanofor, a determined engineer whose inspiring journey in the tech industry showcases resilience and seizing opportunities. Tobenna's fascination with electronics began when he received a game console as a child, sparking his desire to create his own games. Despite facing challenges and skepticism from his parents, he pursued computer science in university. His path took him from Nigeria to Cyprus, Canada, and finally Kenya, where he freelanced on platforms like Fiverr to gain experience and positive reviews. Eventually, Tobenna became a founding engineer at AI Care in Kenya, gaining ownership through ESOPs and fulfilling his dreams of coding and investing. His story emphasizes the importance of aligning personal goals with a company's mission and showcases the power of determination and adaptation. Tobenna's journey is an inspiration to aspiring engineers and entrepreneurs, proving that success can be achieved through hard work, passion, and a dedication to creating meaningful solutions.

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